Chicken and Duck

Pasture raised, free-range chickens and ducks

Free-range Chickens

Chickens roam large distances from their coop in search of tasty treats. At Fernwood Farm, they can wander freely, eating bugs, grass and anything they can steal from our vegetable bed. They scratch, posture and squark like kings for the 9 to 10 weeks we keep them, generally having a idyllic life and just one bad day.

We raise the Cornish Rock breed of chickens because they provide large breast meat. While those are the same as used by commercial farms, in our opinion that's where the comparison stops. We don't constantly feed our birds, but they get at least 3 or 4 feeds per day and finish out between 4lbs to 6lbs on organic grains. Larger birds can be reserved if you prefer and we'll do our best to set them aside for you.

We use a local, government-inspected abattoir and the birds are cleaned and ready for the oven when you pick them up. The meat tastes like chicken...but with more depth of chickeny flavour and denser, less watery meat. We don't pump our birds with water, use artificial growth hormones or antibiotics so what you get is delicious and wholesome.


We also raise a limited number of ducks each year. Muscovies are a meat breed native to Canada and are allowed to swim on the farm's pond, free range for natural forage and spread their wings to fly when the whim takes them.

Our ducks are also processed at the same government-inspected facility and finish out around 6lbs to 8lbs each. The meat is darker, richer and so indescribably indulgent we almost don't want to sell them. Roast just like a chicken and get set for the best meal of your life.