Welcome to our farm

Fernwood Farm is a family-run farm near Ottawa, Ontario and was established in 2012.

The Farm

Fernwood Farm sits on nearly 100 acres of mixed pastures, forests and wetlands in the very south of Ottawa. We purchased the land in late 2010 and began the process of reclaiming it from decades of neglect and tidying up the detritus of a demolition company that once owned it.

We designed the house ourselves to be energy efficient, utilise passive solar and wood heating, open plan and practical.

About Us

12512298_10153177636771036_4305202945296067486_nWelcome! My name is Emma (also known as Emmalina) and I am half of Fernwood Farm. It isn't the first blog I've written, if you'd like to know more about what I got up to before moving to the country head here. I started this new blog to reflect a new chapter in my life when my beloved Stephen and I purchased a 95 acre parcel of land in Ontario, Canada. (We are actually British but have been masquerading as Canucks for the last 11 years).

In 2011 we built an environmentally conscious and energy efficient home on our land for our two lovely boys, our cat, dogs and us. Our aim is to live a more sustainable life, growing more of our own food and raising animals. I homeschool our two lads and want them to live close to nature and feel peaceful in the outdoors.

In 2012 we began building a farm around the house. Over the last few years we've learned to raise our own meat chickens, we keep chickens for eggs, we raise rare breed pigs and have a small herd of cows for beef. We also raise bees and harvest our own honey, in 2015 we added honey to the list of things we sell from the farm.

As well as providing for our own family we sell our extra produce and run educational workshops at the farm. Our goal is to help other families live healthily and to teach anyone who is interested about alternative methods of farming. We are expanding our workshops each year hoping to engage young people in a relationship with the land and the food they eat.

If you have any questions about what we are up to please do leave me a comment, I read and reply to all comments on my blog and am always happy to chat!

11722665_10152876509286036_7488365756961483224_oHi. Well, this is rather uncomfortable. I'm the other half to Emmalina's evil genius. What should I tell you about myself? That I'm actually a secret agent, undercover for Her Majesty's British Government on a covert mission to infiltrate small agriculture in Canada and begin to sow the seeds of a rebellion to bring the federal land back under the rule of the Crown? That together, Lizzie and I have plans to once more resurrect the Glorious British Empire, led not by governments but by a benevolent ruler, a majesty. And when Lizzie shuffles on? Yes, I shall be King!

Um, maybe that's over-sharing. I never can tell how far to go with this kind of thing. My cover story is that I'm just a family guy who can't say no to doing things really big and is continuing a lifelong struggle to curb impulsive decisions like buying 100 acres. And cows. Several cows. Sigh. I have two gorgeous boys who will grow up eating good food from the farm, an amazing missus who keeps me on the straight and narrow, an evil cat with one ear named Fey, a massive floof named Winnie and absolutely no spare time. There's lots more to say, but why don't you introduce yourself first?