Pigs and Pork

Pasture raised, free-range heritage breed pigs

Pastured Pork

When given a natural environment, pigs are marvellous and friendly animals. At Fernwood Farm, our pigs are raised on pasture which we rotate throughout the spring and summer to provide access to grazing and avoid parasites and build up of disease.
It's a system that has worked for generations to raise healthy, happy animals and we think it makes a difference to the flavour and texture versus shop-bought meat. We're sure you'll agree the instant you taste our pork.

Our heritage breed pigs are raised without artificial growth hormones and given a local grain feed to supplement the pasture and hay. Individual packs of bacon, chops, roast hams, sausage, ribs and more are available or you can order a half or whole pig and benefit from bulk pricing.

Live Piglets

Live piglets are available twice a year, in spring (around April / May) and again in autumn (around October). They're given PigTrace ear tags and the males are castrated. We do not dock tails and will not sell piglets into intensive systems. Intact males are available only with prior notice and full deposit.

Prices vary depending on market conditions, but are generally $125 per piglet in spring and $90 - $100 per piglet in autumn. The boar and sow are both on site and we are happy to schedule a farm visit to see them. Both have a wonderfully calm and friendly temperament making them very easy to work with.